Many times, people tell us they are thinking of building a custom house but “didn’t know where to start.”

We have the desire, ability and experience to guide the homeowner in any direction that feels comfortable. While some people have seen previous houses they liked, others have no idea what they want or the budget numbers that would get them there. We have the pointed questions to “help” that process. We can give direction for available building lots and consult regarding construction lenders.

Spending several hours, with Murray Cohen, will bring a more relaxed atmosphere and confidence to give an overview of your family needs and desires, within the budget projection. Some clients may have plans that have been developed over time, working with an architect prior to seeking our help.

Most clients have not started on the design process and we help them where nothing had been put to paper. We are most helpful in finding what style, appearance they like and what they have seen previously, which could be incorporated in their new home. We have the knowledge to guide them to various architects that have experience in their preferred style, which we have worked with before.

1After several meetings with Murray Cohen and the architect, the client will input their desires in combination with the group. The architect can then prepare sketch plans that will permit a cost range estimate. If those numbers are in the desired range, refining will continue into working drawings.

2Following development of plans, Murray Cohen will continue working with clients and architect to refine plans and help with selection of materials, within budget projection.

3During this process, which will take 3-4 months, Murray Cohen will personally be involved in the process for opinions, questions and refinement of ideas and suggestions.

4The process of developing plans, specifications and costs to meet the family needs toward construction is very creative and fulfilling. Many years of thought and desires you may have had, can be put into reality. All during this time, Murray Cohen will be by your side. You may even develop a genuine friendship.

Our Process

From the day you decide to build or renovate, Murray Cohen will make sure you get the home of your dreams.